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Ensuring Long Service Life and Superior Performance: Techking’s Heavy Truck Tire

A renowned manufacturer of mining and construction tires, Techking Tires Limited offers a broad selection of heavy truck tires that are especially made to withstand the strict requirements of the transportation sector. The PROADT heavy truck tire stands out as a dependable option for heavy-duty truck applications among their great lineup. With its unwavering dedication to longevity, cutting-edge sidewall protection, and performance guarantee, the PROADT tire offers heavy truck operators unmatched performance and endurance.

Long Service Life:

The PROADT heavy truck tire is engineered to deliver a longer service life, making it a cost-effective choice for truck operators. Its big block design provides a larger contact area from top to bottom even after wearing, ensuring consistent traction and extended tire life. By maximizing the contact area, the PROADT tire reduces tread wear and enhances overall durability, minimizing the need for frequent tire replacements and reducing downtime.

Superior Sidewall Protection:

Techking’s PROADT heavy truck tire is equipped with a specialized anti-crack sidewall compound. This compound enhances the tire’s sidewall protection, providing higher resistance to aging and minimizing sidewall cracks. The robust sidewall construction ensures the tire’s integrity, even in challenging operating conditions. With superior sidewall protection, the PROADT tire enhances safety and reliability for heavy truck applications.

Performance Guarantee:

Techking stands behind the performance of the PROADT heavy truck tire with a performance guarantee. The tire is built to meet rigorous quality standards, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. Whether it’s long-haul transportation or heavy-duty applications, the PROADT tire delivers optimal traction, stability, and durability. With the performance guarantee, truck operators can trust in the PROADT tire to meet their demanding requirements and deliver exceptional performance.


Techking’s heavy truck tire is designed to provide long service life, superior sidewall protection, and performance guarantee for heavy-duty truck applications. With its focus on durability and reliability, the PROADT tire ensures optimal performance, reduced downtime, and increased operational efficiency for truck operators. Techking continues to innovate and provide customer-centric tire solutions, solidifying its position as a trusted brand in the heavy truck tire industry. Choose the PROADT tire for heavy-duty transportation needs and experience the benefits of exceptional performance and extended tire life.

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