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SmallRig RC 350B COB LED Video Light: The Perfect Fusion of Futuristic Design and High Efficiency

The SmallRig RC 350B LED COB Video Lighting is a game-changer in the world of professional lighting equipment. This innovative video light from SmallRig combines the best of futuristic design and high efficiency to deliver exceptional lighting performance. Let’s explore how the SmallRig RC 350B seamlessly integrates movable cob light with the convenience of a travel tripod.

Futuristic Design

Inspired by sleek air vehicles, the SmallRig RC 350B boasts a streamlined and durable housing that sets it apart from traditional video lights. Its futuristic design not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also improves functionality. The compact and lightweight construction ensures easy portability, making it an ideal companion for travel and on-location shoots.

“AstralTech” Optical System

SmallRig’s proprietary “AstralTech” Optical System takes the RC 350B to new heights of lighting excellence. This eco-friendly system combines advanced lighting technology with high-efficiency components, resulting in an unparalleled lighting experience. With the SmallRig RC 350B, you can achieve professional-grade lighting effects while minimizing energy consumption.

Upgraded Light Source Chips

The SmallRig RC 350B features larger and higher-power light source chips, delivering enhanced illumination for your video and photography projects. Whether you’re shooting in a studio or out in the field, this video light ensures optimal lighting conditions, allowing you to capture stunning visuals with exceptional clarity and detail.

High Reflectivity Design

Equipped with an aluminum copper composite substrate, the SmallRig RC 350B offers high reflectivity, optimizing the light output for maximum efficiency. The reflective surface helps distribute light evenly, reducing hotspots and creating a uniform lighting environment. This ensures that your subjects are perfectly illuminated, resulting in professional-quality videos and photos.

High Transmittance Front Glass

The SmallRig RC 350B is equipped with double-sided, six-layer anti-reflection coated front glass, enabling exceptional light transmittance. This means that the light emitted by the COB LED is efficiently transmitted through the glass without any loss, resulting in bright and vibrant lighting. With the SmallRig RC 350B, you can achieve accurate color reproduction and create visually appealing content.


In short, the SmallRig RC 350B COB LED Video Light combines futuristic design elements with high efficiency, offering videographers and photographers the perfect fusion of style and performance. With its innovative features, including the “AstralTech” Optical System, upgraded light source chips, high reflectivity design, and high transmittance front glass, this video light sets a new standard in the industry. Experience the future of lighting technology with the SmallRig RC 350B and elevate your creative endeavors to new heights.

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