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Sunworth: Your Reliable Solar System Manufacturer for Off-grid Solar Power Storage

Sunworth, a reputable solar system manufacturer, proudly presents the 60~160W Off-grid Solar Home System with Lithium Battery DC Series. Designed to offer a simple operation, lightweight, and portable power solution, this system includes a photovoltaic module, controller, high-quality lithium battery with a long service life, eight LED bulbs, and a multi-type USB wire. With this advanced solar power storage system, Sunworth empowers homeowners to illuminate their spaces and charge their mobile phones without the burden of electricity bills. In this article, we explore the advantages of Sunworth’s 60~160W Off-grid Solar Home System with Lithium Battery DC Series, including the exceptional performance of the lithium battery, easy installation process, flexible mounting options, the brand’s long-standing reputation, and their extensive experience in overseas sales.

Long Service Life and Reliable Performance

Sunworth’s 60~160W Off-grid Solar Home System features a lithium battery with a low self-discharge rate and an impressive service life. This ensures that the system delivers reliable and long-lasting power storage. The lithium battery’s exceptional performance guarantees uninterrupted energy supply, providing homeowners with peace of mind and consistent access to electricity.

Easy Installation and Flexible Mounting Options

The Solar Home System by Sunworth boasts a straightforward structure that allows users to install it effortlessly by following the user manual. With clear instructions and user-friendly components, homeowners can set up the system without complications. Additionally, Sunworth provides flexibility in mounting options, allowing users to choose between rooftop mounting and ground mounting for the solar panels. This adaptability enables optimal sun exposure and efficient utilization of solar energy.


Sunworth, a trusted solar system manufacturer, introduces the 60~160W Off-grid Solar Home System with Lithium Battery DC Series. With its lithium battery’s impressive service life, user-friendly installation process, flexible mounting options, established reputation as an industry leader for years, and extensive experience in overseas sales, Sunworth provides homeowners with a reliable, convenient, and cost-effective solar power storage solution. Choose Sunworth and experience their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable energy solutions. Illuminate your home, charge your devices, and embrace the benefits of solar power storageā€”the Sunworth way.

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