The highest 24 billion cockfight in Thomo arena history

Nowadays, an expensive fighting cock always wins the hearts of many cockmasters and chicken enthusiasts. The reason is because this arena promises to bring top moments, thrills and attractions. Not only attractive in terms of betting but also humorous with the kicks of talented fighting cocks. In there, 24 billion cockfight In the history of the Thomo arena, it has shaken up the betting market. Right in this article, to learn more about this cockfighting match, let’s join New88 learn about.
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Overview of the 24 billion cockfight at the historic Thomo arena

According to research, this 24 billion cockfight was held directly at the Thomo arena by two famous cockplayers. That is Mr. Phuc Binh Duong, also known as Phuc Barcelona. With Mr. Mit Tra Cu.

When it comes to playing quality, cockfighters in the North cannot be as fierce and fierce as their brothers in the South. The reason is that not only do they choose fighting chickens and fighting chickens, but Southern cockfighters also choose chickens with iron spurs and knife spurs to increase their killing ability.

In the North, the biggest cockfights cost around a few hundred million VND, the highest cost 2 – 3 billion VND. However, this number is still nothing compared to cockfights in the South because billion-dollar fights are extremely popular. All of these cockfights are often held directly abroad and typically in the Thomo arena.

This is a convenient location for cockfighters in Vietnam to go to Thomo Cambodia to fight cocks. Cockfight 24 billionThis is a confrontation between two professional chicken players in the interior. Reality shows that the number 24 billion is still not the most accurate number. But this is just the total prize along with the money included in the match.

In fact, the original prize is still only 2 billion. However, cockfighting giants have pushed this number to a peak of 15 billion. The remaining 9 billion is the bet amount of the brothers playing in this cock match. Cockfight 24 billion This highest peak in history has attracted a large number of cockfighters nationwide.

Cocker Phuc Barca and cocker Mit Tra Cu

Phuc Barca and Mit Tra Cu are two prominent names 24 billion cockfight This. These are all top cockfighters in cockfighting today.

Phuc Barca

Also known as Phuc Binh Duong, this cocker is famous in Binh Duong and other areas. Not only does he have a passion for top cockfights, but he is also interested in collecting cool motorbikes. If you have the opportunity, you can come to Phuc Binh Duong chicken farm to see it with your own eyes.

Tra Cu jackfruit

Tra Cu jackfruit is also a professional cocker and worthy of Phuc Barca. These are two cockmasters who have had top-level, billion-dollar cock fights with each other in the Thomo cock fighting arena. This is also a chicken master who has many admirers about how to raise and take care of fighting chickens.
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What is the result of the top 24 billion cockfight at Thomo?

According to research, Tra Cu green chicken of chicken master Mit Thai won the final match. At the same time, you need to remember that this is not just a game but also a climactic battle built in a different series.

Any pair of chickens that has 3 points, 1 draw, 0 points or more points will win. It will be different from regular arenas. Not only that, most of the fighting cocks chosen to compete are experienced fighters. At the same time, the fighting time of these chickens often takes place very quickly.

In fact, there is still no conclusion whether this is a real war or not. Therefore, only insiders know the actual number. For cockfighters who have ever set foot in the Thomo cockfighting ring, they will certainly be familiar with these two famous names. At the same time, you can also guess whether this is true or just a lie.

Besides, even if this 24 billion cockfight is believed to be true, the related information will certainly be incomplete. The reason is because, exposure to funds of unknown origin is also a trick for legal issues. Therefore, the more virtual the better, so there are no issues that need to be discussed.


Last, New88 shared with you guys 24 billion cockfight peak at the Thomo cockfighting arena. This is the latest updated information about this cockfighting match. Hope you have grasped the information about the match most accurately.

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