Tips to Find the Best Drugs and Alcohol Recovery Plans

It can be difficult to find a quality rehab. Although there are many programs that offer accountability and recovery in the United States, it is not easy to find a good one. However, you’ll see that long-term rehabs are more effective than short-term programs or outpatient programs. You will discover that there are many types of rehabs. Some are actually harmful, like those who tell addicts that they have a disease for life and then try to put them on more drugs. This is why traditional programs have such high relapse rates.

The best drug and alcohol recovery programs last more than a month and help addicts get clean. These programs don’t prescribe replacement drugs for the symptoms, but work with individuals to find the root causes of their addiction and help them to find alternative solutions.

A thorough discharge planning and follow-up process is another important aspect of preventing relapse. A discharge plan is a way for people to assess their lives and establish goals to improve them once they have left the rehabilitation facility. Participating in local support groups such as church, sports, civic groups and activities with other parents or children is a part of this discharge plan. It doesn’t need to be an addiction recovery support group. However, it should feel positive and productive and not have the temptations to use drugs or alcohol. You can also reach qualified staff from the rehab program by phone for follow-up counseling.

True success in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers is not always available locally and may require travel. The key to finding the right treatment program for you is to define your needs. Here are some factors to be aware of:

Treatment Method

Are you looking for a program that doesn’t expect relapse and is disease-based?


Many people search for treatment programs near them, but it’s often a good idea not to. This allows you to make a more distinct environment from drug-using environments and focuses on the treatment.


While some treatment centers can be expensive (more than 50K per monthly), there are many other facilities that are just as successful and cost a fraction of the price. Others might have insurance coverage or payment plans that make it more affordable.

Length Of Treatment

It is rare that you will be able to achieve success in less than a month. We recommend long-term programs with a higher success rate for permanent healing.


Some programs are only available for men, while others are only available for women. There are specific issues and needs for each gender, and coed centers can help you to address them.

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