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10 AI Art Generators That You Should Use

Artificial intelligence (AI), has gained momentum over the last few years. There are many AI text-to-art generators available online. This is the latest addition to the AI wave. There are many alternatives to DALL-E, which include lesser-known generators such as DALL-E. While not all AI text-to-art generators are accurate, you can still experiment with them or use them often to show your creativity. This is why we have compiled a long list of the best text-to-image generators. If you are interested in AI art and reading this information, please take a look at the list of top generators.

Top AI Text-to-Art Generator Websites

1. Mid journey

Mid journey, an AI that converts text to art on Discord servers, is great. It’s not based on any website but it does a fantastic job. This AI bot was created by a self-funded group and has been incredibly popular since its beta. Mid journey is only available as a bot for the Discord server. It produces the images there.

All you have to do to get started is to join the server and send your text prompts using a prefix. The AI will respond in seconds after you have sent the text. As you can see, the final output takes some time. Mid journey is the best AI art generator that I have used.

2. Dream Studio (Stable Diffusion)

Stable Diffusion is an open-source model that can take text prompts and produce graphics in seconds. It is one of the most popular text-to-art AI generators currently. The model was trained over a period of one month on 4,000 Nvidia A100 GPUs. Stable Diffusion can also be set up on your personal computer, although it comes with some limitations. However, I found the online site that bears most of the resource burden. If you were worried that Dream Studio was similar to Stable Diffusion, don’t be. Dream Studio is faster than the sample version. It can also generate the Stable Diffusion model as well as APIs from one place.

The algorithm uses Stable Diffusion to sharpen the image when it approaches the prompt. The AI generator transforms the text into art as soon as you submit your question. It then continues to improve the image. The AI generator doesn’t stop until your text prompt is met. There are many options for art, and creativity is the only limit.

3. DALL-E 2

DALL-E 2 is the only text-to-image tool you might be familiar with thanks to its Internet success. DALL-E 2 is a smaller version of the original, and it is much more realistic and lifelike. OpenAI’s research lab created this AI text-to art generator. It was initially limited to a select few users. DALL-E 2 has been improved over time and is now available to all who have created an account.

DALL-E 2 grants you 50 credits which you can use for creating images. This is in contrast to Stable Diffusion. Every output is worth 1 credit. Once you’re done researching, you can purchase more credits. This allows them to invest more in the project and improve existing AI.

4. NightCafe

NightCafe is another user-friendly online AI text-to art generator. NightCafe is an image generator with a variety of options, but it offers a unique perspective. This AI art generator offers many options for output modification. As a user, you have greater control over your project because you can choose both the AI’s algorithm and the output art style. You have the option to choose Clip Guided Diffusion or Stable.

NightCafe is a paid service that offers five credits. These credits can be used to buy five AI photos. Log in to create an account to receive three additional credits. To receive additional credits, you will need to join NightCafe.

5. Pixray

Pixray, another AI picture generator, can be used online, locally, or as an API to people who want AI art discord bots. Pixray is slower than other AIs in producing an output. Pixray takes six minutes to create a single image. This contrasts with systems such as Diffusion or DALL-E 2 which can produce an image in under a minute. For context, the AI is powered by an Nvidia T4 GPU.

6. Send a text to the Pokemon Generator

Although this AI art generator is a bit specialized, it is perfect for those who grew up with Pokemon. The Pokemon generator is built on Pixray and allows users to create new Pocket Monsters by simply entering a text prompt. Enter instructions such as “Pikachu Yoda Red” and the creation will appear.

Although it’s based on the same Replicate website the AI image generator takes over a minute for you to create a stunning Pokemon picture. Despite not being able to combine multiple scenarios, the results are still stunning. It is amazing to see the artwork that you get after asking the AI for a terminator Pokemon.

7. PhotoSonic

An AI text-to-image generator can transform any text into art, even though many people might not know it. PhotoSonic, which is based upon a credit model, is a service that does all the work for you. The AI can draw almost any object you want, and it will even accept long-form complex requests. Latent diffusion is used by the AI to transform a noisy image into one that meets your requirements.

After signing up, I was able to receive 10 credits. There is also the possibility of purchasing more credits. The monthly fee for credits is $10 and includes 100 photos. However, the AI generator allows you to try it free of charge.

8. StarryAI

StarryAI is an Android and iOS app that converts text into art. It creates AI images. When I tried it out to create artwork, the iOS app’s intuitive UI impressed me. To create AI art, you can use the text bar at top of your home screen to enter your prompts. Your phone will glow when your artwork is complete.

You get 5 credits free of charge. However, the pro version can be upgraded to purchase additional credits for $15.99 and 40 credits. The app is easy to use, and you can share and save the photos you create. The level of artwork precision

9. Wonder AI

Wonder AI is a simple Android and iOS app that uses AI to convert words into images. It was fun. The app works in the same way as other artists by asking you to enter a word prompt. You can choose from a variety of art styles, including Pen and Ink and Novelistic, Magical and Cinematic. Click the generate button to enter the words and watch the artwork appear on the screen.

Wonder AI is completely free and you can create as many art pieces as you want. There is no credit system. However, to create artworks you will need to first view a 30-second commercial. It can be frustrating.

10. AI Picasso

AI Picasso, a text-to-image generator, is built on the Stable Diffusion paradigm. The AI interface is not very creative, but it does offer a limited range of painting styles. You are required to view a 30-second commercial every time AI Picasso creates an image. The image generation process is almost instantaneous and free of charge. Users may get tired of the constant stream advertisements that appear after each AI artwork creation.

The output images are not as good as the ones I saw in the original Stable Diffusion. The AI is built around this paradigm and will often fail to respond to lengthy text prompts.

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