Fender Stratocaster Parts Guide

Fender Stratocaster parts come in many options. From the basic set to the most complicated upgrades, there are many options. This guide will help you find the American Series Saddles and Locking tuners as well as a Tortoise Shell pickguard.

Tortoiseshell pickguard

A Fender tortoiseshell pickguard is a great option if you want to improve the look of your guitar. This pickguard is an inexpensive way to transform your guitar into a vintage-style instrument.

Pickguards have been sold by Fender since the 1950s. White pressed-fiberboard pickguards were the first models. Later, three-ply guards became popular. They experimented with various materials. Some of the materials were susceptible to shrinking and warping. Fender eventually switched to less temperamental materials.

It would have been prohibitively expensive to buy a genuine tortoiseshell pickguard. A real tortoiseshell pickguard would be too expensive. It would also have been fragile and not long-lasting. So, manufacturers began using faux tortoiseshell.

Celluloid is used to make faux tortoiseshells. Celluloid is the patented name of cellulose nitrate. This material is highly flammable and susceptible to warping.

Saddles American Series

Fender’s American Series Strat guitars are a treasure trove of quality. You can’t go wrong either with a single pickup or a double pickup. You should do some research to find the best deals or you might end up with a used or new guitar with a hole. If you are looking for a used guitar and don’t know where to start, Guitar Finder will help you find one. We are known for being one of the most professional and reliable guitar movers in the greater SF Bay Area.

Tremolo arm tips

Fender’s stratocaster is a classic instrument that has been around for a while. It can be used by the most discerning players to showcase your talents. What can a guitarist do to make the old lady sound better? You can make your guitar sound great by adding the right accessories and tremolo arm tips. There are many options, so take some time to choose the one that best suits your musical needs. There are many options available, from the standard tremolo to fully adjustable tremolo. So get ready to swoon over your next Fender Strat.

Tremolo arm tension springs

Fender American Series Stratocaster Tremolo Arm Tension Springs can be used to increase your amp’s volume without spending a fortune. These tremolo arms come with a 2-year warranty from Fender and are made in the USA. These tremolos offer the best quality and price. Get one today if you want to enhance your tone and avoid the annoying bridge scratch.

These tremolos may be familiar to you from the latest Stratocaster or Fender Strat. These tremolos offer all the advantages of the predecessors, plus modern technology. They are a great choice for any guitar repair or upgrade. These tremolos can be used to give your guitar a new tone, or replace an old or worn-out bridge.

Locking tuners

Fender locking tuners for stratocasters are a great choice for players looking for a quick and easy way to change their strings. These tuners are designed to fit modern Fender electric guitars. They can also be used with most dual-pin mounting configurations.

Locking tuners have many other benefits, besides the obvious one of faster string changes. They are less likely to slippage, which can often cause a guitar to go out of tune.

Also, locking tuners work well with tremolo systems. The string trimmer, designed by Ned Steinberger, cuts excess strings. This guarantees a solid tuning stability.

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