How to play basic blackjack and some psychological tips to help you win

How to play Blackjack (Blackjack) is something that bettors should understand well to bring themselves big sums of money. Blackjack is loved and loved by many people because the rules and gameplay are quite simple. However, it is not easy to win blackjack if you know about it how to play blackjack and experience when playing. To understand how to play and some experience playing blackjack from the experts, let’s join New88vinet Come to the article below.

There are some rules when playing blackjack that you need to understand

Playing blackjack is similar Other casino games such as Tien Len, Lieng, all use a deck of 52 cards. At the beginning, each person will receive 2 cards, then during the turn they can draw more cards.

The object of the game is to try to get a total score closest to or equal to 21, based on the number of cards. To be able to play blackjack, participants need to register Betting account and refer to how to play from reputable sources.

How to play blackjack with dealer and player rules

The blackjack game has separate rules regarding the distribution of cards and the number of participants. Normally, each game only has 2 – 4 players, there cannot be a 5th person. One of them will be the “banker”. Other players must bet a certain amount of money per game. If they win, they will receive more than the bet amount. If they lose, they will lose all their bets to the house.

To hold the bet position, a player must have at least an amount equal to the total amount bet by other players. In a game, the house and the players compete with each other based on the principle of fairness.

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The blackjack game will begin when each player is dealt 2 cards. The remaining cards will be kept by the dealer to draw more later but the players will not know their value.

How is blackjack calculated?

Depending on the total score of the first two cards, the player can choose to draw more cards or stop. The dealer will be the last to draw cards to easily compare scores. The way you can calculate your score when playing blackjack is:

  • First, the score will be equal to the number on the card for cards 2 to 10.
  • Second, each card J, Q, K will be counted as one point.
  • Third, the Ace is the most special card in blackjack. This card can be counted as 11 points, 10 points or 1 point depending on the situation.
  • The total blackjack score will be the sum of the scores of the cards in the player’s hand.

The most basic way to play blackjack that you should know

If you know how to calculate points in blackjack, players will be able to create their own strategies. This strategy can be related to whether or not to draw more cards, how to bet, etc. According to our research,how to play blackjack will be divided into two phases as follows:

How to play blackjack in the first stage

The first stage is the stage of calculating the total score of the two cards given by the dealer. If the player has two cards as follows, stop immediately and turn over the cards to receive the prize:

  • First, 2 Aces (Bags)
  • Second, an Ace and a K, Q, J or 10.

If the dealer has two such cards, it means the dealer wins all players and takes all the players’ bets. Unless there is a player with cards equal to or higher than the dealer’s total score, they can remove the card.

The stage of drawing cards is stressful and stressful

After dealing the first 2 cards, the player can decide whether to take more cards or not. How to play blackjack requires players to consider so that the total score of the cards in their hand is no more than 21 points and no less than 16 points. The terms in the game of blackjack are as follows:

  • If the total score of the cards in the hand is less than 16, it is called a Non card.
  • If the total score is between 16 and 21, it is called Sufficient.
  • If the total score exceeds 21, it is called Quac card. Then the player will lose the right to take more cards and if the card does not match, you will lose.

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The turn in blackjack begins with the player to the dealer’s right, then continues clockwise. Each player will take cards until they decide to stop.

Players outside the dealer must score at least 16 points, before the dealer checks their cards. If there are not enough points, the player will lose. The dealer will compare the scores with the remaining players. If the player has a lower score than the dealer, the dealer will collect their bet. If the player has a higher score than the dealer, the dealer will return their bet double the amount they bet, but if the score is equal, no one wins.
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How to play blackjack easily with tips from experts

For experienced players in this game how to play blackjack They will have their own tips that you need to learn. According to the information we know, some experiences that the experts passed on to you are as follows:

  • When you do the game, if your total score is 16-17 points, you can choose the people who have drawn cards to face up to compare. Because those who draw cards will likely shake, you should compare points to win money early.
  • For opponents who only have 2 cards but have stopped drawing, with 16-17 points, you should continue to draw to increase your chances of winning.
  • In case another player draws up to 5 cards, you can always turn them over because the 5 cards will be five of a kind but usually the odds are very high. If you open cards from these people, you will have an extremely high winning rate.
  • If you are a child, always maintain a confident state whether you score 21 points or are criticized. This will increase your anxiety and reveal your cards later, at which point you can bet and you will win money or not lose money.


How to play blackjack These are the basic things you need to know. If you bet and want to make a profit, read the experiences of the experts. With the above article, we hope you will choose to play blackjack more when you know how to play and tips to win.

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