OEKAN Emergency Trolley: The Advanced and Complete Solution for Hospitals and Nursing Homes

In hospitals and nursing homes, emergency situations require fast and efficient treatment. The emergency trolley, a kind of OEKAN Furniture‘s high-quality medical trolleys, offers an advanced and complete solution for emergency situations.

A Description of OEKAN’s Emergency Trolley

OEKAN Furniture provides various medical trolleys including medical computer cart, mayo trolley, nursing trolley, patient record trolley and emergency trolley.

This medical trolley’s design is prioritized for patient safety and comes with several features that make it the go-to choice for healthcare professionals. It is made of sturdy iron or stainless steel tubes and covered with polyvinyl chloride plastic for a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. The emergency trolley has swivel castors with brakes, which makes it easier to move around and maneuver in tight spaces. The trolley is also lightweight, making it easier and safer to transport quickly.

Besides, the emergency trolley also comes with additional storage space, including a pull-out side tray and a one-piece molded worktop with slightly raised edges for additional work surface space. This trolley can be customized with drawer dividers and other accessories to meet specific user requirements.

One of the most significant advantages of OEKAN Furniture’s emergency trolley is its corrosion resistance. This feature allows the trolley to accommodate various medical drugs or devices safely.


In short, OEKAN Furniture’s emergency trolley is an excellent addition to hospitals and nursing homes. It offers an advanced and complete solution for emergency situations, ensuring that patients receive timely and efficient treatment. With its durable frame, corrosion resistance, and lightweight design, this medical trolley provides healthcare professionals with the security and flexibility they need to perform their duties safely and efficiently.

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