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Shenling – An Effective and Environmentally Friendly Heating Solution

Shenling Corporation is a trusted provider of innovative heating and cooling solutions, and their domestic air source heat pump systems are no exception. With a focus on energy efficiency and wide operating range, Shenling offers high-quality R290 DC inverter air source heat pumps that deliver reliable space heating, cooling, and domestic hot water solutions.

Efficient Space Heating in Extreme Conditions

Shenling’s domestic air source heat pump systems excel in providing efficient space heating, even in extremely cold conditions. With a minimum ambient temperature of -25℃, these systems can keep your home warm when you need it the most. Even at low ambient temperatures as low as -15℃, the outlet water can reach a comfortable temperature of 70℃, ensuring a cozy living environment.

Cooling and Domestic Hot Water Solutions

Not only does Shenling’s domestic air source heat pump system excel in space heating, but it also offers efficient cooling capabilities. With a cooling function available from a relatively low ambient temperature of -5℃, you can enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures during warmer seasons. Moreover, the system is capable of providing domestic hot water, even in very cold conditions with a minimum ambient temperature of -25℃. By utilizing an electric booster heater, the maximum achievable DHW temperature can reach 80℃, catering to your hot water needs.


Upgrade your home with Shenling’s domestic air source heat pump system and experience the efficiency and versatility it offers. With wide operating range, these systems deliver efficient space heating, cooling, and reliable domestic hot water solutions, even in extreme conditions. Additionally, the silent mode feature allows for quieter operation, reducing the overall noise level while providing consistent performance. Trust in Shenling’s expertise and enjoy the comfort and energy efficiency of their domestic air source heat pump systems.

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