Smartphone Spells – How to Make Your Used iPhoneXS Last More


To be a modern wizard or witch, you will need a reliable device that can keep up with your magic and non-magical tasks. A used iPhone XS is a better option. It’s stylish, powerful, and cheaper than buying a brand new iPhone XS. However, just like all other devices, a used iPhone XS requires proper care and maintenance in order to last longer. Smartphone spells are here to help.

This blog post will share some simple and advanced maintenance tricks, as well protective spells, that can help you get the most from your iPhone XS. These spells will help you extend the life of your device, and keep it running smoothly for many years.

Basic Maintenance Spells

  1. Protecting and cleaning the screen: This is the most important thing you can do for your iPhone XS.You can gently wipe your screen with a microfiber cloth. To prevent cracks and scratches, you can also apply a screen protector.
  2. Proper charging and battery maintenance: This is another important thing to do.Do not overcharge your device. Instead, charge it to 50-80%. Avoid extreme temperatures and keep your device cool.
  3. Keeping your iPhone XS secure and up-to-date: This is the third rule.Regularly check your phone for new software updates. If they are available, install them immediately. This will resolve any bugs or security flaws and increase performance.

Advanced Maintenance Spells

  1. Regular software updates can extend the life of your iPhone XS.They fix bugs and security flaws, but also introduce new features and improve performance.
  2. Optimize performance with apps and settings: This is the second spell.To reduce battery usage, close any unneeded apps and adjust your settings. You can also disable background app refresh for apps you don’t use very often.
  3. Keeping your iPhone XS’s temperature down and avoiding overheating is the third rule.Avoid placing your phone in direct sunlight or in a heated car. You should also avoid charging your device for too long or playing graphic-intensive games for too many hours.

Protective Spells:

  1. Choosing the right screen protector and case: This is the first step to ensure that your iPhone XS has the best protection.Protect your iPhone XS from accidental drops and spills with a high-quality case. Screen protectors will protect your screen from scratches and cracks.
  2. Avoiding drops and spills damage: This is the second spell.Avoid using your device in dangerous situations and be extra careful.
  3. Protecting against cosmetic damage and scratches: This is the third spell.Protect your screen and phone with a case or protector.


These smartphone tips will help you prolong the life of your iPhone XS. Keep your iPhone XS safe and clean. Your used iPhone XS will last many years with proper care and maintenance. You’ll also save the environment by buying a used iPhone XS.

A used iPhone XS is a great option for witches and wizards who are looking for a stylish and powerful device at a lower price. These smartphone spells will help you prolong the life of your iPhone XS and make sure it is fully functional. What are you waiting to do? Find your perfect iPhone XS used and cast these spells to prolong its life.

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