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Top Four Ways to Increase Conversions With PPC Advertising

Paid advertising is one way to get more leads. However, it is important to be careful when using this tool. Advertisers often pay for campaigns that target a larger audience, but use keywords that aren’t specific to their audience. These campaigns can generate leads that don’t relate to their services. These campaigns are a waste of money for advertisers and result in a low return on investment. These are the top four factors that increase conversions through paid advertising.

Understanding keywords

Keywords can optimize your ad campaigns in a significant way. The key is choosing the right keywords. You must first identify the keywords that are most appropriate for your service. If a keyword doesn’t correspond to your service, you are wasting your money. You can solve your problem with “Branded keywords” and “long-tail keywords.” Branded keywords can include your company name or URLs such as Amazon or Amazon.com. This is a way to direct users to your website. Extended keywords such as “sony wireless headphones” and “waterproof digital watches”, are more likely than shorter keywords to match the search terms. These also signify that the user is ready to buy or hire. Once you have found a long-tail keyword that interests you, click on it and analyze the activities of your competitors, both organically and paid ads. Then, finalize your keywords.

These are just a few of the free keyword research tools available:

  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword tracker
  • Wordstream
  • LSIGraph keyword generator
  • Wordtracker Scout
  • Alexa’s site overview tool
  • Qualaroo

Create an advertisement structure

Decide which sources and what categories you want to advertise. This will allow you to segment your campaigns and ensure that each client has the right information. Display ads and banner ads are a great way to reach customers who may not be aware of your business. This is an indirect way to reach people who are surfing the internet.

Your ads can be listed on the:

Google Ads:Google Ads is the best choice for businesses. They show ads that target highly targeted keywords.

Ads on Social Media: These days, social media is very popular. Your ad campaigns can be run on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter depending on the user demographics.

Bing and Yahoo: These sites are similar to Google, and they are trusted for advertising. It can be used for your advertising campaigns, and you can choose your target audience.

Sephora’s Instagram Account with their Ad Campaigns:

You can further categorize the Sephora ad campaigns into:

Campaign #1 Face Products

Foundation Ad Group 1: Foundation

Ad Group #2: Primer

Ad Group #3: Contour

Ad Group #4: Moisturizer

Campaign #2 – Eye Products

Ad Group #1: Eyeliner

Ad Group #2: Eye shadow

Ad Group #3: Eye gel

Ad Group #4: Eye Serum

Your Google Ad categories can be used to create targeted ads by planning your ad campaigns.

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Optimize your campaign:

Optimizing your PPC campaign is a great way to improve it. You must have a high quality score for your ads if you want to lower the cost-per-click. If you want to improve your score, make sure that your landing pages are optimized and include the correct keywords. You should keep track of which landing pages convert more and which ones aren’t. When someone searches for “free”, they will be able to add the appropriate keywords. Avoid high-paying keywords. Only use them if you are getting excellent conversions. Make sure your landing page follows these guidelines:

It is a subtle background color.

A page with more CTAs.

A compelling offer that convinces the visitor to click.

View the results of your advertising campaigns

Google Analytics is a term that comes up when you review your ad campaign campaigns. Tracking your campaigns is essential. If you don’t, it is not worth spending money on them. Google Analytics is free and can simultaneously analyze many data points. Google Analytics allows you to create custom campaigns and track the performance of all your ads.

The following parameters are used to calculate the analysis.

  • Real-time
  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behavior
  • Conversions

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