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What’s FM WhatsApp APK 2023?

FMWhatsApp 2023 WhatsApp’s modded version is very similar to GBWhatsApp Download. WhatsApp is well-known for its amazing elements, easy-to-use connection point and the start to finish encryption that protects your security. There are some limitations and a lack of highlights, however. You can’t limit who can call you. FM WhatsApp also eliminates these limits through its elements.

You can also add many additional elements such as custom protection settings for contacts and gatherings, broadcasts, hide last seen status, conceal message read status, auto-answer usefulness or message scheduler to your message, subject download situations with, etc. It can be used in conjunction with the authority application. You can use two records on the same gadget.

Highlights from FM WhatsApp APK

These are the elements that can be found in FMWhatsApp Android. Not only are all elements of WhatsApp accessible in FM WhatsApp, but also the FM WhatsApp. We only include elements that aren’t available in the authority WhatsApp.

Message Unsaved numbers


Scheduler for Messages

Broadcast up to 1024 contacts

You can view unlimited pictures and recordings by clicking “View Once”.

Forward Messages Without Sent Status

Conceal Contact Name

Get in touch with Toast

Freeze the Last Seen

Setting up a call

Conceal Status View Data

Forget about Messages and Status

Show Blue Ticks after Answer

Lock WhatsApp and Visits

Conceal Talks

For Broadcasts, Contacts, and Gatherings: Custom Protection Settings

Conceal Blue Ticks

Conceal Second Ticks

Status of Conceal Composing

Conceal blue mouthpiece

Conceal Recording

Voice Transformer

More than 4000 Subjects

6 Emoticon Variations

60+ Styles in Textual Style

Modify Launcher and Notification Symbols

Display Conceal Media Documents

Please Share Your Pictures to Full Goal

You can share limitless pictures immediately

Continuously on the internet

Increasement forward breaking point to 250 visits

Modify your home and discussion screen

Standalone Mode

Separate tabs for contact talks and gatherings

Get Situations

FM WhatsApp Features

This is the part. You are here to learn about the element. Alright. In the following subsections, we have explained the many elements in detail. These elements are important. In the comment segment, you will find information on the unlikely event that there is no component. It will be explained to you in the future. These highlights are as follows:

60+ HTML style Styles

Are you tired of repeating the same text style over and again? You too. At that point, FM WhatsApp APK was installed. You can choose from 60+ styles of text. Any of them can be used. Roboto-Light and ComicSans are all available. If you don’t recognize these names, do not worry. Textual styles can be used to create Harry Potter, Transformers and Comics.

Conceal Contact Numbers

Many people have the unfortunate habit of constantly looking at our phones to see who we are talking to. You can hide the name of the contact from your talks to counter this. It will remove the names from the top bar, and make it clear.

Contact Toast

You have a unique person and you need to send a notice whenever he/she is online via WhatsApp. Gee. You can enable the contact toast choice via their profile page. It will display a message saying “X is online” whenever he/she logs in to WhatsApp. You can also enable sound notice. You don’t need to be on WhatsApp to receive the alert. This element won’t be affected by other apps.

Custom Protection Settings

Different security settings allow you to hide your web presence, receive messages, and browse them without sharing with others. You can conceal blue ticks, second ticks, compose and record situations. You can conceal second ticks, blue ticks and composing situations with them. Only one tick will appear in the shippers’ visits. These settings can be set for all contacts, or you can choose custom settings for each gathering.

Blue Ticks after Your Answer

You can still answer no messages as long as you conceal second and blue ticks. This element can be empowered in the event that you are given the chance to speak to someone. Soon after you answer, it will give blue ticks to your friends.

A Huge Selection of Subjects

You don’t have to use the boring, dull and uninteresting topics. You should give your FM WhatsApp APK a second look. There are over 4000 subject options. There are many subjects, including Conceptual, Creatures and Planes, Anime, Toxin, Vincent and Strolling Dead. You can choose any subject.

FM WhatsApp App Download

Call Settings

Official WhatsApp does not have any settings except for their notice tones. Anyone can call you. You should have settings that limit unwanted calls. This is why FMWhatsApp has added these settings to this mod. You have the option to choose who can call you: your contacts, all of your contacts, or your contacts apart from X.

Online Dabs at Home Screen

You don’t have to visit the visitors in order to see who is online. FM WhatsApp displays a green speck for those visitors who are online on their home screen. Along with online spots, you can also empower the last seen status. Go to FMMods >> Homepage Screen >> Lines. These settings will be displayed in this tab.

Debilitate Pictures: Cutoff

You can instantly choose up to 30 photos and give them to someone else. You will need to select again to share pictures that exceed 30. You can disable the cutoff in this MOD to select as many photos as you want on the double. Do not bother with similar interactions on different occasions in order to give 30+ photos to someone.

Use Two Records for a Similar Gadget

FM WhatsApp can be used in conjunction with authority WhatsApp. The bundle names of both apps are different, so there is a compelling reason to deinstall the authority form. You can use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

Download Status

FMWhatsApp allows you to download situations. You can download someone’s status by opening their status and then tapping the download button at the bottom right corner. The downloaded status will be found in Inner Capacity >>FMWhatsApp >>Media >>FMWhatsApp Situations. You can also duplicate their subtitle.

Message Scheduler

As the name suggests, Message Scheduler allows you to plan a message. You can input the message, date, time and contacts. FMWhatsApp will send the message to all the contacts at the specified date and time. You can create as many messages you want. There are no restrictions.

Conceal and Lock

By creating a secret word or unique mark, or a PIN, you can protect your talks. The talks can also be hidden. Secret visits will not be visible in the contact list and query items. FM WhatsApp will ask you to enter the secret phrase whenever you try to open the secret rundown.

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